Looking out the window with my eyes open. Dresses, pants, scarves, bags, curtains and pillows from $29.

Summer Dress $125
100% Polyester. Dry clean only.
Midi Skirt $80
100% cotton
Relaxed Pant $110
100% Cotton
Wrap Scarf $56
The scarf measures 80" x 28"
100% Cotton Gauze
Backpack $65
Dimensions: 13"W x 17"H x 4"D
Body is 100% Poly-Canvas. Straps are 100% Cotton.
Weekend Bag $75
Bag width 27", length 14", short handle 18", and shoulder strap 30.5"
100% Heavy Cotton Canvas, straps are 100% Cotton Webbing. Short handles and long handles for hand or shoulder carrying. 
Heavy duty zip closure. Features interior pocket with zipper closure.

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