The Friendliest Forest says "Hello."

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Brooklyn Graffiti Swimsuit. Textile Design.
Stand in Brooklyn and blend in. Swimsuits from $98.
Mizuzu. Checked Out Doll.
Mizuzu enjoys hula hooping on Tuesdays and has very white teeth. Though you wouldn't know about her teeth since she has no mouth.
Spring. Type Design.
Type design for Springsgiving holiday sales campaign.
Perturbed. Illustration.
Boris is perturbed because they drowned his salad in salad dressing.
Stan Stands His Ground. Illustration.
I will not need my coat. This is a firm firm ‘No.’ I will not, will not need my coat for a measely inch of snow. I will not think it’s cold. I will not get sic…k? Oh, wait. Brrrrrrr. Can we go back in and get it?
An Office with a View. Photography.
950 Avenue of the Americas in New York City.
Self Portraits. Photography.
This is me.
Spring. Social.
We’re just an app, standing in front of you, asking you to love us.
2 Sides. Photography.
2 Sides to the Story.
My Husband's Cat. Photoshopped.
She's growing up fast.
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