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Light Flower. Photography.
In-camera light.
Christmas Party Invite. Graphic Design.
Shrinky Dink or 'dink. It's all fun and always makes a party.
Doors and Windows. Photography.
Doors and Windows.
You Would. Photography.
Peculiar sightings of You Would in my neighborhood.
Wedding Package. Graphic Design.
My wedding invitation and all things printable.
Earthy Geometry. Photography.
Patterns in tree bark, rust, fences and bridges.
Bricket. Checked Out Doll.
Bricket loves to play hide-n-seek. You can find him standing perfectly still near a bush because he thinks he's the color of plants.
Color Palette. Digital Art.
I couldn't find artwork to match the color palette of my living room, so I made my own.
Up and Down and Up and Sideways. Photography.
Up & Down and Up & Sideways
B&W. Photography.
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