This is me.

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Up and Down and Up and Sideways. Photography.
Up & Down and Up & Sideways
Recession. Photography.
Recession 2008-2009.
The Woman Card Project. Illustration.
The Woman Card Project is a deck of cards made by illustrators who support gender equality. Each card highlights the many women who have made a difference in the world.
Gap. Social.
Tell the sun to come out and play. #IAmGap
The Barbara Birdie Collection. Kids Textiles.
One of the many collections in my store @
Brooklyn Apartment Hunting. Photography.
My 2008 iPhone helped me remember to say "No thank you" in 2008.
You Would. Photography.
Peculiar sightings of You Would in my neighborhood.
Bricket. Checked Out Doll.
Bricket loves to play hide-n-seek. You can find him standing perfectly still near a bush because he thinks he's the color of plants.
Evening Light. Photography.
Open a shutter long enough and night becomes day.
An Office with a View. Photography.
950 Avenue of the Americas in New York City.
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