Meet Tom Flyer. Video.
Sometimes your obsessions aren't at all what you thought.
The MoMeMans. Textile Design.
Leggings, blankets and throw pillows for little kids and even grown-up kids.
Role: Illustrator, Producer, Art Director
Meet Stan. Video.
Stan can be stubborn. Until he experiences things for himself.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Co-Composer, VO
Scott's Laundry Quandary. Video.
Some people lose their socks in the laundry. This dude lost more than that.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Co-Composer, VO
Holiday Card. Instagram.
Go where you want and be joyous this holiday season.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Animator
Olinda + Omar. Print, Pillow, Story.
Olinda and Omar offer overnight outings to the moon on their outrageous space balloon, the one and only—The Olinar.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer
Georgie + Gary. Letter Print, Story.
Sometimes love is disgusting to those who aren't involved.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer
Quinn + Quinlan. Letter Print, Story.
Is quicksand quick or is it slow? Quinn and Quinlan want to know.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer
Meet The FourHeads. Story.
The Fourheads sing catchy songs about foreheads and ears...
Role: Illustrator, Writer
Congratulations! Journal, Mug, Card.
Because Carl knows when a congratulations is in order. For a friend and even for himself.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer, Art Director
Marty "Miles" McGiles. Letter Print, Story.
Mellow Marty “Miles” McGiles motivates me to go run a few miles. Or at least buy me some moccasins.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer
Cloud Birds. Pillow, Print, Card.
These Cloud Birds don't only get each other, but they are there for each other, always.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer, Art Director
The Sidewalkers. Pillow, Print.
These friends are like the constant chatter of a four-year-old. Times three.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer, Art Director
Scotch Man. Art Print.
Because you always want to come home to someone with a glass of Scotch in hand. Or is it just me?
Role: Illustrator
Not on My Shift. Character Design.
A campaign for nurse-on-nurse advocacy with a mission to end lateral violence in nursing.
Role: Illustrator
Drink Napkin Doodles.
Drink napkins can be your friends while you're waiting for your human friends.
Role: Illustrator, Friend
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