Meet Tom Flyer. Video.
Sometimes your obsessions aren't at all what you thought.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Co-Composer, VO
The MoMeMans. Textile Design.
Leggings, blankets and throw pillows for little kids and even grown-up kids.
Role: Illustrator, Producer, Art Director
Meet Stan. Video.
Stan can be stubborn. Until he experiences things for himself.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Co-Composer, VO
The MoMeMans. Gift Wrap.
Hey, whether your gift is amazing or something less than—if it's wrapped in The MoMeMans Signature Gift Wrap—it will put on quite a show at the gift table.
Role: Illustrator, Producer, Designer
Scott's Laundry Quandary. Video.
Some people lose their socks in the laundry. This dude lost more than that.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Co-Composer, VO
The MoMeMans. Growth Chart.
Kids get excited to meet new MoMeMan friends as they grow and parents are reminded it's time to get them some new pants.
Role: Illustrator, Designer, Producer, Art Director
No, Thank You! Greeting Card.
For the times you feel the need to thank someone for thanking you.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Designer, Producer
I Find You Humorous. Gift Collection.
I'm just a dude. Hangin' here. Thinking you're humorous.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Designer, Producer
Holiday Card. Instagram.
Go where you want and be joyous this holiday season.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Animator
Meet Five. Mug, Gretting Card.
There's always someone out there who needs a high five. And Five is your guy to give it.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer
Olinda + Omar. Print, Pillow, Story.
Olinda and Omar offer overnight outings to the moon on their outrageous space balloon, the one and only—The Olinar.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer
'The Struggle is Real' Baby Shower Gift Set.
For new moms, the struggle IS real. They need coffee. They need to jot down poop times and save cute baby clothes. They need a friend like Ulysses Ulinsky who understands struggle. But what does he know about struggle?
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer, Art Director
Georgie + Gary. Letter Print, Story.
Sometimes love is disgusting to those who aren't involved.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer
Barbara Birdie. Textiles.
She might be stuck in a cloud but that’s okay, that’s allowed. She’s going with the unplanned plan, riding away to la la land.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer
Quinn + Quinlan. Letter Print, Story.
Is quicksand quick or is it slow? Quinn and Quinlan want to know.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer
Meet The FourHeads. Story.
The Fourheads sing catchy songs about foreheads and ears...
Role: Illustrator, Writer
Hands Throwing Rainbows. Print, Tote.
Warm and fuzzies or popcorn yummies. Either way, it feels like today.
Role: Illustrator, Producer
Ice Cream Love. "Color Me" Print.
Fizzy bubbles, fizzy bubbles, ice cream cone. Fizzy bubbles, fizzy bubbles, my mind's blown.
Role: Illustrator, Producer
Skater Girl. Kid's Leggings, Textile.
The skater girl on this textile print makes a statement without being fully visible.
Role: Illustrator, Producer
Birthday Cards + Thank You Cards.
Birthdays happen at least once a year (sometimes twice for those weirdos who celebrate half-birthdays) for several people in your life. Go to them, host them and never miss cake!
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer
Congratulations! Journal, Mug, Card.
Because you deserve a congratulations for writing that genius idea or staying awake. And this dude, Carl, can even congratulate you for congratulating a friend for a job well done.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer, Art Director
Marty "Miles" McGiles. Letter Print, Story.
Mellow Marty “Miles” McGiles motivates me to go run a few miles. Or at least buy me some moccasins.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer
Cloud Birds. Pillow, Print, Card.
These Cloud Birds don't only get each other, but they are there for each other, always.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer, Art Director
The Sidewalkers. Pillow, Print.
These friends are like the constant chatter of a four-year-old. Times three.
Role: Illustrator, Writer, Producer, Art Director
Scotch Man. Art Print.
Because you always want to come home to someone with a glass of Scotch in hand. Or is it just me?
Role: Illustrator
Not on My Shift. Character Design.
A campaign for nurse-on-nurse advocacy with a mission to end lateral violence in nursing.
Drink Napkin Doodles.
Drink napkins can be your friends while you're waiting for your human friends.
Role: Illustrator, Friend
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