Mom 'n Pop Ad Shop. Branding.
Your agency for goods and services specifically catering to parents by a team of marketers who are, well, parents.
Creative Director, Designer
Party Invitation. Design.
My party invitations are anything but standard.
Role: Creative Director, Designer, Stylist
Chop Cook Cake. Branding.
You can learn how to chop, cook, and cake at this local cooking school for adults and kids.
Role: Creative Director, Designer
The MoMeMans. Lookbook, Website.
Stories, Decor, Stylish Gifts for Little and Grown-Up Kids.
Role: Creative Director, Designer, Writer
Holly Head Claires Kids' Rock Tee. Design.
An all-girl rock band that started when they were six years old. They are sweet like rainbows with a little Brooklyn edge.
Role: Designer
OG Sake. Branding, Package Design.
It’s time for sake to come out of the sushi bar and into the mainstream because people don’t understand what it is, and more importantly—what it ISN’T.
Role: Designer
Yahoo! Fantasy Football. Type Design.
Yahoo! Fantasy Football makes the fantasy in fantasy football better.
Role: Creative Director, Designer
Logos. Design.
From nonprofits to yoga studios, law firms and realty groups, to consultants and bloggers.
Role: Designer
Dos Equis. Site Design.
Keep all tabs on the Most Interesting Man. And learn.
Role: Associate Creative Director, Designer
Garnier. Type Design.
How I made a beauty ad stay clean while calling attention to a lot of information.
Role: Designer, Typography
Wedding Invites. Design, Logo.
Feathers and frills in New Orleans, Brooklyn yacht rock and NYC speakeasies. These wedding couples do it right!
Role: Designer, Typography
Community Posters. Design, Illustration.
Raising funds for our kiddos.
Role: Designer, Illustrator
Party Invitations. Design.
Adult parties. Kid parties. Party party party!
Role: Designer
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