Book Fair Poster. Design, Illustration.
Let's keep kids excited about reading all summer long.
Role: Designer, Illustrator.
The MoMeMans. 2019 Lookbook.
A catalog o' fun for The MoMeMans brand o' fun.
Role: Creative Director, Designer, Writer
Dos Equis. Site Design.
Keep all tabs on the Most Interesting Man. And learn.
Role: Associate Creative Director, Designer
Yahoo! Fantasy Football. Type Design.
Yahoo! Fantasy Football makes the fantasy in fantasy football better.
Role: Creative Director, Designer
The MoMeMans. Brand Identity. Site Design.
Stories, Decor, Stylish Gifts for Little and Grown-Up Kids.
Role: Creative Director, Designer, Writer
Garnier. Type Design.
How I made a beauty ad stay clean while calling attention to a lot of information.
Role: Designer, Typography
The Roth Group. Logo, Identity.
These guys do law stuff.
Role: Designer
Wedding Invite and Logo. Graphic Design.
Feathers and frills. This wedding is the traditional untraditional kind happening in New Orleans.
Role: Designer, Typography
Christmas Party Invite. Graphic Design.
Shrinky Dink or *Dink. It's the only way to make a party.
Role: Designer, Typography
Wedding Logo & Poster. Type Design.
This was a yacht rock wedding at a rock venue. So, the clients wanted a rock poster invite. Their personal story included a backgammon theme, so that was also incorporated.
Role: Designer, Typography
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