I was hired to take over a GCD's maternity leave. The agency had just won the business and shot all video and still footage. But right before I started, there was a shuffle of the client-side leadership team and they decided to re-focus their strategy. This included a shift in the demographic and barely a third of the footage could be used. No new footage was allowed to be shot. So, I had to think backward from what was captured, create a new thread and storyline, and lead the team through a style guide, social, online videos, and CTV. And, I must say, through all those hurdles, I never had a bad meeting. They repeatedly loved all the work. I stayed well past my original contract and four months after the maternity leave ended. 

Paid Online Video. Awareness: Gen X.

Paid Online Video. Awareness: Gen X.

Paid Online Video. Conversion: Gen X.

CTV. Dear Face :30.

CTV. Lips :30.

CTV. Anthem :30.

Organic Social. Awareness and Consideration.

Paid Social. Awareness: Gen X.

Paid Social. Awareness: Male.

Paid Social. Awareness: Gen Z.

Paid Social. Awareness: Gen X.

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